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  • “ A half-read book is a half-finished love affair. ”

    —    David Mitchell || Cloud Atlas


    *Cough* I have an Instagram *cough*


    I’m not saying ALL of the cool kids follow me buuuuut……

    It’s true! Go and follow Eric, dudes!

    (And I’m not trying to compliment myself here because I follow Eric, therefore making me one of said cool kids, buuuuuut…)

    One Day More.

    Tomorrow’s the day, guys. The day I get to tell you about the thing that I’m excited about; the day I get to stop bugging you and leading you on to something and crap. But, like, I’m stoked. And proud. And I hope you guys like it. At least a little bit. For me? Please?

    Once you get this you must say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your followers!

    Alrighty. Five nice things. Here we go. (Kinda need this today because man has it been a rough one.)

    1. You are a good writer, bro.
    2. You have really nice eyes.
    3. Your shoulders: keep rockin’ those strong shoulders, dude.
    4. Keep sipping those books of yours. It’s not about how fast you read, it’s about how much you enjoy them. And you enjoy your books. So read at your pace. You’re okay.
    5. You’re a genuinely good person, and I am lucky to live with you 24/7, and regardless of how down you may get, and the darkness you invite on days like today, never forget the people you love and who love you and that you are strong and intelligent and a good person and that’s what you’ll take with you when you leave this place. So stay golden, ponyboy. 
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